Our Story

Experience and training meet the right time and place……..

Bites by Eydt was established in 2014 after recognizing a need for catering with a twist. Our staff seeks to provide a new way to entertain. We take basic recipes, the run-of-the-mill cookbook stuff, and elevate the quality by adding unique flairs to each dish. We always prepare the food at your location in order to provide the freshest, tastiest meals. Our food is never, ever made in a commissary kitchen, and then transported because at Bites by Eydt there is no room for mediocrity.

Meet Our Team..

Following graduation from Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, I worked in the restaurant industry for 15+ years with stints at Windows on the World in the World Trade Center, NY, NY, and Opus Restaurant in Los Angeles, sister restaurant to Le Bernardin, NY, NY. Ultimately, I segued into a career in advertising but never lost my love for the world of food and entertainment.
In 1996, I started hosting my friends and family to unique homemade pizza parties with caramelized onion, goat cheese, and sweet sausage pizza and BLT pizza finished off with my authentic ice cream sundae’s topped with Toblerone Swiss chocolate, pizzelle cookies, and whipped cream. Menus expanded with everything from strawberry goat cheese appetizers spiked with cayenne, honey & pecans to beef tenderloin with horseradish based cream. Encouraged to share these delectable eats with others, quality catering with a fun flair was born. I look forward to sharing my talents with you…..
Dick Eydt