Everything from beverages to hor’s d’oeuvres, Bites by Eydt customizes a selective cocktail menu tailored to fit the desires of you and your guests. Our staff leverages seasonal fruits and vegetables from local markets to put special twists on your familiar favorites. We love experimenting with new cocktail ideas such as pomegranate-grapefruit Palomas and cucumber-yuzu infused mules! At Bites by Eydt, we seek to leave our customers and their guests with a sense of satisfaction as a result of an overall memorable, enjoyable and tasty event!


You can give us your best ideas or use one of ours favorites, like our signature Pizza Party! At Bites by Eydt, we are best known for our pizzas. We pride ourselves on using only the freshest and unique ingredients. Some fan favorites include our goat cheese pizza with caramelized onions, and sausage; our bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes pizza with a dollop of mayo; our tenderloin and blue cheese pizza; and our Margherita pizza with fresh thick tomatoes, mozzarella, and pesto. Perhaps you can top off your dinner finish off the evening with our signature dessert: rich ice cream served in parfait glasses with Eydtmade Toblerone Chocolate sauce with homemade crispy pizzelle cookies, and whipped cream!


Even the most discerning of guests will find an event catered by Bites by Eydt an evening to remember! Bites by Eydt can guarantee a night full of delicious culinary experiences! Stare with creative and classic hors d’Oeuvres, sumptuous soups, the freshest salads, grilled vegetables, mouthwatering meat, and seafood dishes that cannot be beaten! We are versatile in terms of plating, we can do formal dining settings or a buffet. Regardless of table settings, Bites by Eydt guarantees a tasteful evening that your guests will not forget!