Delectable Dishes for You

Think of any party in Atlanta–be it formal or informal, and there are wonderful menus available for you. You can enjoy the best time with your loved ones while Bites by Eydt, an Onsite Catering Company in Atlanta, will see to it that your taste buds are immensely satisfied. We have a variety of dishes to offer you in their most authentic taste. Here is a quick list for your understanding:

1. spicy sausage & goat cheese in Atlanta
2. seared tuna with wasabi sauce in Atlanta
3. grilled lamb chop lollipops in Atlanta
4. smoked Salmon on black bread in Atlanta
5. grilled Brussel sprouts with bacon in Atlanta

All the dishes as mentioned above are prepared by us using the freshest ingredients procured from the local markets. All the fruits, veggies, and condiments are bought from markets that sell them fresh. This is to ensure you get the best in terms. The mention of Spicy sausage and goat cheese in Atlanta leaves one drooling and asking for more. Bites by Eydt ensure that it retains the most authentic taste of this dish while preparing it for you onsite.

Seared Tuna with Wasabi sauce that’s very famous in Atlanta is made by us using the best ingredients. It is a signature dish in the parties of Atlanta. Bites by Eydt holds food sensitivities in the highest esteem. Due to its nutritional and health benefits, Seared Tuna with Wasabi Sauce needs to be included in any party menu.

Grilled lamb chop lollipops in Atlanta are served as a dish at any formal dinner party in Atlanta. The dish goes pretty well with creatively made cocktails. While the tenderness of the grilled lamb still lingers in your mouth, you can have a swig of the tastiest cocktail that makes you experience a vantage moment.

Smoked Salmon on black bread is yet another recipe that people in Atlanta gormandize happily. We ensure that we get the freshest Salmon and Bread and all the other ingredients to make the dish taste heavenly. ​

Grilled Brussel Sprouts with bacon is yet another dish that is a must inclusion in any party organized in Atlanta. We take pride in preparing the dish most delectably using farm-fresh ingredients. Connect with us right away to know more about our offerings.