Food and beverages are the two essential aspects that mark the success of any event. But when we hire caterers, we have to make the payments differently as it becomes hard to find a single caterer supporting all the food and beverage requirements. But if you are here, you can end your search conveniently.

Bites by Eydt is a customer-proclaimed leading food and beverage catering in Atlanta that glorifies your event with its exotic and innovative menus both for food and beverages.

Dishes that will satisfy the sweet tooth

Although we have a wide variety of menus appropriate to different event arrangements and offer complete customization, we have a few delicious dishes that are mostly preferred by our customers across Atlanta. Here are they,

Grilled lamb chop lollipops

We have become quite popular with our grilled items. One of the popular grilled dishes is grilled lamb chop lollipops. With the richness of health and nutrient factors, this grilled item is full of tastes that give a mouthwatering experience to people. We have many other grilled items that you can choose according to your preferences. We are also famous for our smoked salmon on black bread in Atlanta with amazing taste and smoky flavor of spices.

Pizza varieties

We are famous for innovative pizza menus with delightful nature. We have filet mignon pizza, lobster pizza, and many more. So, if you are a pizza lover, we can give you the best pizzas with healthy elements in them and extend your pizza love to the next level.

Ice creams

Any food arrangement is always incomplete without suitable desserts. We thus offer amazing ice cream menus with innovative specifications and varieties. The ice creams are available in different sizes that you can have at your convenience.

Our catering services are well-recognized for onsite cooking and serving offerings. The guests love to smell the amazing fragrances that come from the food and surround the air. Our catering service is available at absolutely affordable prices that you wont need to think twice about opting for. Also, you are free to choose the menus according to the theme of your event and your particular preferences.

All you need to do is call us and describe your event, and we will suggest suitable menus, or you can select from the menus on our website. Connect with us and explore the amazing menus for your event!